To keep your flagpole in good condition, you must regularly inspect it for damage.

specific use

A flagpole is traditionally the vertical pole in a town, village, or building which flies a certain flag.


Mast Flagpoles- A mast flagpole is a type of flagpole that is most commonly found outside of military bases. It flies one or both flags in honor of the country and branch of service the base serves. These poles are usually made from metal and may have a viewing area near them for civilians who wish to view any ceremonies held at the base. Torpedo Flagpoles- Torpedo flagpoles are usually found in front of large buildings so that the flags can be seen by anyone who walks by. 

Flagpole Extension

Flagpole Extension- Flagpole extension is an accessory that includes a box at the bottom of a flagpole to put the flag in it. The green light is on top that shines down onto the flag pole when it is extended. These boxes can be bought for most types of flagpoles and offer many different uses for them all around the world including:

Flag Holder

Flagpole Flag Holder- Flagpole flag holders are items that can be used to store flags and/or attach them to the top of a flag pole. They are made from many different materials and can be molded into any shape that the designer desires. 

flying wires

They can hold any type of flag on them, except for ones that have flying wires connected to them. These are not common in most developed places because they require too much maintenance and installation. The flag poles themselves are made of metal and/or wood, and have a viewing area for the public.

Flag Bracket

Flagpole Flag Bracket- Flagpole flag brackets are rings that attach their chains to their poles with nails or screws for support.

what is most preferred


These brackets can either go on the inside or outside depending on what is most preferred by the owner of the house or building where they are displayed at. Snap Hooks-Snap hooks are items that are attached to the top of a flag pole and then a flag is placed on it in order to attach it to the pole. These have become very popular in modern times because they require little to no maintenance and can easily be put on and taken off when needed.

A flagspinner is a device

Flagpole Spinner

Flagpole Spinner- A flagspinner is a device that twists an attached flag around itself until it becomes strong enough to fly freely in the wind. They typically look like spinning tops but they also come in other forms as well, such as animal shapes or cartoon characters depending on what design concept was used when creating them.
Flagpole Parachute- Flagpole parachutes are devices attached to the end of a flagpole. They typically contain a building that you can take off and put on even in the middle of its flight! These are not often used because they typically cost more than other designs, such as flagpoles with audio speakers attached to them.
Flagpole Umbrella- Flagpole umbrellas are objects that serve as shelter for an umbrella or other type of rain protection. They usually attach to the bottom or sides of a flag pole around which they can protect vistors from rain or sun stroke while they wait outside a building or event.

Different Jobs

Flagpoles are used by many different people for many different jobs and for many different things. They are used in sports events, politics, homes, businesses and so much more. They have been around for a very long time and they will continue to be used as long as the need for them exists.